Taiwan : Neiwan Old Street

Neiwan old street is located in Hsinchu county, surrounded by hills and water. It is rich with natural resources such as timber and water. Neiwan is mostly populated with Hakka people. This nostalgic town was once a busy township during the height of Taiwan's timber logging era.


Taiwan : Sun Moon Lake & Atayal Resort

Anyone who visits Taiwan will definitely heard about one of it's most famous attraction, the Sun Moon Lake. Sun Moon Lake is located at Yuchi, Nantou county. A lake surrounding the island called Lalu, the Sun Moon Lake is the largest body of water in Taiwan.


Taiwan : Nanyuan Resort Farm and Jianfushan Fancy World

I have been on assignment in Thailand throughout the whole month of June and have no time to update my photo blog. And when I finally got back to KL I have so much backlog I am actually feeling lazy to start. LOL. I'm going to start slow with this photo blog with very minimal write up.


Messed Up My Bed - Angeline

I met Angeline back in 2012 at a Glenmorangie Orange event at The Pool. She's a very down to earth but serious girl. We hardly kept in touch after the event and she went back to Kota Kinabalu where she is based as a yoga instructor. July 2013 I was back in Kota Kinabalu on assignment for Johnnie Walker so I Whatsapp her and told her my idea of Messed Up My Bed project. She was keen.


About Me!

Andy was born in the beautiful city of Kuching and brought up in a humble family. He fell in love with the art of photography when he was working as a volunteer onboard the humanitarian vessel, MV Douglos. He is self-taught in the art of photography.

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