I work with basic gear as I believe that the greatest images are captured by the heart and soul through the artistic eyes of the photographer and in the most decisive manner possible, not by the most expensive and up-to-date equipment. I love shooting people shots, especially when they are unaware. This really allows me to capture the emotions and their natural expressions. I always shoot with the widest aperture that my lens will allow. It gives me shallow depth of field, which draws the viewer’s attention to the subject and emphasizes the emotions and expressions on the subject’s face. My personal recipe is to shoot in all natural light where possible.

When shooting in clubs, I always bend the rules of photography if not, break them to create my images. I work with available ambient lights in the club to create the sense of rhythms around the clubbers. I love movement shots in clubs.

I aim to capture the extraordinary out of the ordinary and keeping to my motto "the world is my studio". And I pray that the images that I create will have life changing and positive impact on people’s life. 

“I'm a painter who paints with light. I give all glory to my Lord Jesus Christ for this precious gift. Without Him, I wouldn't be who I am today"