Tokyo : Mayu

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This is Mayu.


Tokyo : Yuri Nakagawa aka Darayunya

Tokyo is the fashion capital of Asia. In Tokyo you'll never be bored. Your eyes will be too busy enjoying the colors of fashion and all things cute and creative.

During the 2014 Bunka Fashion Graduate University(BFGU) fashion showcase, I was introduced to one of Tokyo's famous fashion blogger and Fashion TV's host, Yuri Nakagawa.


Tokyo : Bunka Fashion Graduate University Fashion Show

Bunka Fashion Graduate University (BFGU) is a renowned fashion and design university in Tokyo located in Shibuya. From fashion design to modeling, this university has everything and it's huge! I was invited by a friend to attend the fashion showcase at their annual fashion show and open day.


Tokyo : 2014 Halloween

It is finally Halloween! And the place to be on Halloween day is Shibuya, Tokyo. I didn't plan to dress up at all for the party and only going to focus on capturing how Halloween is celebrated in Tokyo. But just before the sunset, I changed my mind. Well, more like I was persuaded by my housemate Yuki to dress up. And I end up spending ¥ 9,800 on my costume. LOL. Be prepared for a really long post, this post has about 220 photos and 10 short video clips. Enjoy!