Tokyo : Yuri Nakagawa aka Darayunya

Tokyo is the fashion capital of Asia. In Tokyo you'll never be bored. Your eyes will be too busy enjoying the colors of fashion and all things cute and creative.

During the 2014 Bunka Fashion Graduate University(BFGU) fashion showcase, I was introduced to one of Tokyo's famous fashion blogger and Fashion TV's host, Yuri Nakagawa.


 Yuri is wearing pre-launch Alexander Wang x H&M dress and glove at the time of the shoot.



 Thought I just met Yuri right before the shoot, but I love how easy it is to work with her.


 She has great features.


 She knows what she's doing.


 And she's as cute as an anime.


 I only had less than 20 minutes to shoot her before her fashion show starts. So every click counts.


 She can be serious. . .


 She can be cute. . .


She's JFW official fashion blogger.


 Official blogger for Scawaii.


Check out her blog at


Follow her on Instagram : Darayunya


Twitter : yuri0718



Oh and I love that jaw line! 








 She's wearing the latest NIKE.




 That's a wrap! All done in 15 minutes! That's me and my new found buddy Yuri Nakagawa! =o)