Tokyo : 2014 Halloween

It is finally Halloween! And the place to be on Halloween day is Shibuya, Tokyo. I didn't plan to dress up at all for the party and only going to focus on capturing how Halloween is celebrated in Tokyo. But just before the sunset, I changed my mind. Well, more like I was persuaded by my housemate Yuki to dress up. And I end up spending ¥ 9,800 on my costume. LOL. Be prepared for a really long post, this post has about 220 photos and 10 short video clips. Enjoy!


Tokyo : Night Before Halloween

I've always wanted to experience for myself how it's like to be in the heart of Tokyo during Halloween. This year I have that checked off my list. It's done! I was told this year it's gonna be crazy as Halloween falls on the weekend so people in Tokyo starts partying from the middle of the week. So I geared up and hit the street of Harajuku and Shibuya to experience for myself. Here are some images from October 30th. The night before Halloween.

I know it's way passed Christmas. I've been too busy shooting overseas since October. Well, better late than never.


Ribbon Ooi

June 2014 I was on assignment in Southern Thailand for about a month. Covering European DJs every weekend. The first weekend I arrived in that town, my host Miss Ribbon came to the airport to fetch me and checked me in to my hotel. A 19 year old singer and aspiring actress she works for the company that owns the hotels and clubs in that town. That same weekend, she decided to do a simple shoot with me so she came over to my hotel room and here you are the shots I did in my hotel room.