USA : Miami

Throwback Miami. I made a short trip to Miami after San Francisco to visit my old friend. I decided 3 nights is enough in Miami. It's not so much of a photo trip. So this post if more like a personal journal of that 2 days in #Miami. Not much words. Just images and some short captions.

From San Francisco to Miami I took United Airlines. The total flight duration was supposed to be about 7 hours including transit in Boston but in the end instead of landing in Miami the next morning at 9am I landed at 3pm due to my flight's technical problem. From Boston to Miami my flight made an emergency landing in New Orleans. So my 3 days trip is now considered 2 days. Thanks to United Airlines a day was wasted.


 Miami South Beach.

So after that long and tiring flight that took me 18 hours to get to Miami, I just want to relax. So my friend Howard took me to Art Basel. You can read up more on Art Basel here.


  Always good to be back.


 The entire stretch of Miami Beach is actually about 12 miles in length.


 Bar area outside Art Basel's main exhibition tent.






















 The famous Ocean Drive.


 14 years later this shop is still here and it's still displaying some of the famous art work of one of my favourite artist Romero Britto.




















On the second night in Miami, my friend Howard took me to a Bat Mitzvah celebration. Howard is Jewish by the way. Bat Mitzvah is a Jewish celebration that celebrate a child who enter adulthood. In this case this girl is turning 12. In the Jewish culture when you turned 12 you become a Bat Mitzvah, a Jewish adult.


 Well this one is her mom. LOL.




 Mario, myself and Howard.


Some teens at the Bat Mitzvah party.


 With the girl who just became Bat Mitzvah Jewish adult. Opps I forgot her name. LOL.


 Miami PD mounted petrol on the street.


Cruise Terminal, Port of Miami, Dodge Island. This is where I used to work.


 This was taken from MacArthur Causeway.


 It's been a while.


 The new Celebrity Eclipse from Celebrity Cruise.


 I used to work on board the NCL's Norwegian Star ( Hawaii ) and Norwegian Star ( Caribbean ) as a systems engineer.