USA : San Francisco

After my wedding assignment in Orange County I made a trip north west to San Francisco. When I was a kid I used to look at slides of different places around the world with GAS View Master. I told myself one day I'm going to walk across the Golden Gate bridge and I finally did it. This post is a simple photo journal of my short stopover in San Francisco. Unfortunately it was raining almost throughout my whole trip. But I was lucky on my last day the weather cleared up and I was able to walk the Golden Gate bridge. #sanfrancisco #goldengatebridge #california #usa



 From Orange county I took a train to Union Station in LA and boarded a classic American greyhound bus to LAX and catch a flight to San Francisco. Going from Orange County to San Francisco directly by train would take nearly a whole day but I was on time constraint so I took a flight instead which was only 45 minutes flight time. Else by train would be nice as I would love to see the view along the way.



Saw this just before arriving in Union Station in LA. When I saw this from the train it reminded me of the 80s and 90s movie car chase scenes especially in Terminator 2 where T1000 was chasing T101 Arnie on his Harley.


 Hitching a ride with Virgin America. Where would you like to go?


 The coastal line of California.



 That's a really interesting round rainbow.


As we approached the airport I noticed this plane flying side by side with mine.







Tram conductor.





Tram turntable.








 The wind was really strong and cold. At times you can feel vibration on the bridge.




View of San Francisco Oakland Bay bridge from Golden Gate bridge.



Alcatraz island.













 Painted Ladies. These Victorian and Edwardian style houses were built in the 1800s.


Christine and her boyfriend David took time off and drove all the way from San Jose to bring me around. Christine is was the very first editorial editor I worked with since 2003 and have been working with her since her last editorial role in Malaysia before she moved to California.



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The San Francisco Oakland Bay bridge.









 The Golden Gate bridge. Taken from Lands End walking trail.




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View from 16th Avenue Tiled Steps located in 16th and Moraga San Francisco. A total of 163 tiled steps. I actually forgot to take some shots of the beautiful tile mosaic steps due to the sudden downpour and we ran to the car for cover.



Here's a pix of the Tiled Steps I got online. Photo credit :


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Christine and David dropped me off at Mission Street after we went to Tiled Steps. I walked into a random cafe and waited for the rain to stop as well as for my friend Shannon to arrive.


I met Shannon when she was still in high school back in Malaysia. Her mom and I used to worked in ExxonMobil and I met Shannon during of ExxonMobil's family day event. Shannon and I became Facebook friends and dongkey years later we actually met up in person, all the way in San Francisco.


What should I order?


Shannon brought me to a nice neighborhood tacos place in Mission on 24th called El Farolito.


 Their tacos is indeed delicious. This is where the locals eat. Even the SFPD officers dine here.


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After dinner we did a photo walk around the famous LGBT district known as Castro.


The famous rainbow crossing in Castro district.





Gay couple holding hands.


The LGBT rainbow flag.






 Homeless people sleeping outside the ATM.









From Castro we explored our way to Mission street where it is famous for beautiful graffiti street arts.























 After my photo walk, we hung out at a bar for a drink before heading off.




 This is my breakfast place every morning. A nice neighbourhood place next to where I was staying.






China Town San Francisco.








 After a quick walk around in China town I met up with one of my Instagram follower. From my Instagram post James found out I was in SF and offered to show me around on his day off but unfortunately it was my last day in SF during his day off that week but we managed to meet up for lunch. Thanks James! James work as a medical tech and on his day off he pursue his passion as a photographer.


James brought me to this nice bar called Waterbar located right next to San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge. This place has floor to ceiling height windows that allows you to enjoy the magnificent view of San Francisco bay as well as San Francisco Oakland Bay bridge. Definitely worth visiting during their happy hour.


Happy hour special. US$ 1.05 per oyster between 1130am to 530pm. We had 2 dozens!


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The Transamerica Pyramid ( one of San Francisco's prominent landmark ).


 The Coit Tower ( one of San Francisco's prominent landmark ).











 Another tram turntable at Market street.



A picture with James before I head off.