Japan : Yokohama with Kana & Ruby

YOKOHAMA. I met Kana when she added me on Facebook after seeing my photos with a friend of her friend in Tokyo. LOL. We've been in touch ever since and decided to meet up in Yokohama. Apparently she found out I like JK so she and her friend decided to give me a surprise by dressing up in their high school uniform! Kana & Ruby are studying in the same university. This is a pictorial post.


 Ruby, Kana and myself.




























Yokokama Red Brick Warehouse


 A Yokohama delicacy called "maguro don" or "tekka don" "kaisen don" kaisen means seafood




Japanese pancake


 Japanese pancake with salmon




 From far I thought this is an aircraft carrier but it's actually a building.






















Ruby is so obsessed with snapchat.


 She's recording a snapchat clip every 30 minutes or so? LOL



 She said she can't let her million followers wait.






 Where are you girls taking me?  =o)




 Red Brick Warehouse after dark.



 A famous chapel in downtown Yokohama.