Tokyo : Mini Chan

2014 Winter

Mini chan is a Japanese singer as well as fashion designer for the brand known as "minilbreak"


Tokyo : Seira

I met Seira in 2013 when she came over to Kuala Lumpur on business trip. I was asked by her best friend to babysit her and make sure she have a good time while here. Seira is half Chinese half Japanese thus fluent in both languages. My schedule was pretty packed when I was in Tokyo last autumn but I managed to slot in an hour to shoot her. She came over to my neighborhood in Azabujuban and we did the quicky.


Tokyo : Mayu

JAPANESE Singer ~ Fashion Blogger ~ Party Photographer ~ Designer Of mayu meets cuvee

This is Mayu.


Tokyo : Yuri Nakagawa, The Shinjuku Affair

After my first shoot with Yuri the week before at the 2014 Bunka Fashion Graduate University(BFGU) fashion showcase, Yuri loved my work and she was excited to have another shoot with me. She made an appointment and met up with me in Shinjuku. We met up about 2pm but it was a really gloomy and cloudy day. Anyway we went ahead with the shoot.


Tokyo : Yuri Nakagawa aka Darayunya

Tokyo is the fashion capital of Asia. In Tokyo you'll never be bored. Your eyes will be too busy enjoying the colors of fashion and all things cute and creative.

During the 2014 Bunka Fashion Graduate University(BFGU) fashion showcase, I was introduced to one of Tokyo's famous fashion blogger and Fashion TV's host, Yuri Nakagawa.


Tokyo : Emi Tiger

Emi Tiger. Tokyo, Japan. Autumn 2014.

Singer, DJ, EDES Producer, M.O.B.コンセプター, Fashion Party Blogger. まっさらな地=「EDEN」をカットソーというキャンバスに見立て、日本の若手アーティストたちの「DNA」が無限大の可能性を持ってそこに描いていくというコンセプトを持ったブランド名、「EDES」。 複数のキーワードから構築されたベーシックラインと様々なブランド・イベントなどとコラボレーションする2ラインで展開される。


Ribbon Ooi

June 2014 I was on assignment in Southern Thailand for about a month. Covering European DJs every weekend. The first weekend I arrived in that town, my host Miss Ribbon came to the airport to fetch me and checked me in to my hotel. A 19 year old singer and aspiring actress she works for the company that owns the hotels and clubs in that town. That same weekend, she decided to do a simple shoot with me so she came over to my hotel room and here you are the shots I did in my hotel room.


Miss Natacha Munier for Azorias


Model : Natacha Munier.  

Client :