Super GT 2013 with the Leica V-Lux 4

It was just around the corner before the Super GT 2013 weekend Leica Asia Pacific Malaysia office passed me their Leica V Lux 4, a small and light weight 2/3" sensor mirrorless camera with a huge optics of 25mm-600mm f/2.8 constant maximum aperture. I just couldn't wait to test out it's optics, after all it's Leica! My verdict is simple, it's a great all in one camera for those who are into huge zoom capacity optics but do not wan't to sacrifice on quality and exposures. For less than RM 3,000 you can own a Leica with optics of 25-600mm f/2.8! That's a great deal! It's a great overall camera. Here, go read up on the Leica V-Lux 4

Well here are the images. Most of the images were shot on Auto White Balance. Enjoy! 













































AF Tracking is not up to how I would like it. But it'll do ok if you are not shooting motor sports. Shot at approximately 400mm at f/8. 


Shutter response is a bit slow to so I had to pre released the shutter before the subject reached where I wanted it. Shot at approximately 400mm at f/8.  


Shot at approximately 400mm at f/8. 


Shot at approximately 400mm at f/8. 


Shot at approximately 600mm at f/8. 

























Shot at approximately 200mm.  

















 Shot at approximately 300mm.


Approximately 400mm. 











Approximately 300mm. 




























Does anyone knows this chick? She's Malaysian. PM me if anyone knows her. Would need her for some modeling assignment.  


 Suzuki san from Cars Paradise Tokyo. 


Suzuki and Allan. 



The AF response is fast and accurate.



Shot on intelligent Auto mode. 




Shot on 600mm. Exposures unrecorded. 


Shot on 600mm. Exposures unrecorded.