RWMF 2012 Day 1

Official photographer.

It's always a thrill to be back in Borneo for Rainforest World Music Festival. This is the 7th time I'm attending the festival and for RWMF 2012, I'm the official photographer. It's always nice to be shooting back in my hometown. 

The past 6 times at the RWMF, I was shooting for Heidi Munan who is the curator of Sarawak Museum and for The Jakarta Post for Richard Tan's article. And finally this year, the Sarawak Tourism Board approached me to be the official photographer. Being told that I got 100% votes from the organizing committee to be the OP was such wonderful feeling.   =o)


With return flights fully sponsored by Malaysia Airlines and hotel room provided. A king and a queen bed all to myself. 


Day 0. 24 hours prior to RWMF. Theo (right) from The Netherlands has always been the stage manager and technical director for the event doing the main stage setup and sound check with the help of volunteer sound technicians. He's been doing it for RWMF since the 2000. 


Duct tapes of various colors are used to mark the placement of each band's instruments. Following pix below.





 My associate photographer Pein Lee enjoying a smoke with members of the Sarawakian group Nading Rhapsody.


Sound and lighting engineer Niall having a dicussion with Artistic Director Jun-Lin.


After the welcome dinner, STB put up 2 shows for the media and performers to give everyone a feel of how it's gonna be like during the actual concert. Above : My associate photographer Pein Lee and his assistant June. All pix from here onwards are from Day 1.


 Some local handicrafts at the Craft Bazaar




  Some of the items are actually made on site. 


Traditional native hat being handmade at the craft bazaar. It took her about 3-4 days to complete the amount of beadwork that you see in this pix.


 It requires lots of patience to complete the whole hat. "It takes approximately 2 months to complete the whole product” says the auntie while she carefully slips in the beads. 


Beads used for the hat. 


Traditional native bag. 


Traditional costumes for rent at RM 10 per set for photo session.


Iban warrior’s shield. 


Iban warrior's hat. 
Signs with venue layout of the whole Sarawak Cultural Village with the schedule for the 3 days’ workshops and night concerts. 
This is my favorite sign. 
Stage crew having their meal backstage. They actually camp on stage throughout the festival. 
Le Trio Jourbran from Palestine during their sound check.  Due to the humidity in Santubong, they had to constantly retune their delicate 4000 year old instrument called “oud”. 
Zee Avi during her workshop at Dewan Lagenda. 
Thunder in the Jungle percussions workshop at Dewan Lagenda. 
One of the String Sisters giving her workshop on fiddle. 
Long Strokes. Bowed stringed instruments workshop at the Iban Longhouse. 
Meanwhile back at Dewan Lagenda, the Brazilian band Raiz de Cafezal were giving a dance workshop called Flirt The Brazilian Way.
Each day, the workshop run from 2-5pm and the evening concert from 730pm to 12am.  So what do you do in between ? 
Wine anyone ? 
BBQ chicken wings and skewers ?
There are lots to eat there. But the food they have at the festival are just ok ok. I won't give thumbs up. 
Or there's always ice cream.  
Or Heineken.
The night concert kicked off with Sape & Warrior Dance from Sarawak. 
Sape Warrior Dance. 
Nading Rhapsody (Sarawak).
Nading Rhapsody (Sarawak).
Le Trio Joubran (Palestine)
Le Trio Joubran (Palestine)
Le Trio Joubran (Palestine)
Le Trio Joubran (Palestine)
String Sisters (Scotland, Norway, Ireland, Sweden, USA)
String Sisters (Scotland, Norway, Ireland, Sweden, USA)
String Sisters (Scotland, Norway, Ireland, Sweden, USA)
String Sisters (Scotland, Norway, Ireland, Sweden, USA)
 The guys from La Zikabilo (France) watching the String Sisters on the stage.
Winner of RWMF Talent Search 2011, Rhythm of Borneo (Malaysia)
Rhythm of Borneo (Malaysia)
Rhythm of Borneo (Malaysia)
La Zikabilo (France)
La Zikabilo (France)
Rimka dancing away to the beat of La Zikabilo. Rimka is a party publicist based in Paris. Check out her blog
La Zikabilo (France)
La Zikabilo (France)
La Zikabilo (France)
Being at the front line (the press pit) you always get to see people going nuts during the performance. It's fun to watch and photograph them when they go nuts!
La Zikabilo (France)
Zee Avi (Miri)
Sound engineer Simon looking serious during Zee Avi's set. 
Zee Avi's guitarist David Hurwitz.
The Zee herself.
The Zee Gang. 
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