RWMF 2012 Day 2

Official photographer. 

Day 2 of the RWMF 2012. The turn out for day 1 was surprisingly more than usual. Considering most years, the turn out for day 1 is usually a lot less than day 2 and 3 because it's a friday.

Festival goer dressed like an Iban warrior


Security seems to be pretty tight this year 


Airbrush tattoo anyone ?

The String Sisters giving their workshop called Strings of Fire at the Theatre.



 The Voice - Beautiful Vocals workshop at the Iban Longhouse.


Danyel Waro from The Reunion Islands.

Iban Longhouse was packed during the workshop.


Now you can dance like the stars. Interactive Bollywood Bhangra dance workshop by Diplomats of Drums at Dewan Lagenda.  


 Check out the underwear this Aussie gay dude's wearing!


A chickadie SYT enjoying the dance workshop. It is unknown whether this SYT is local or from else where. Festival goers came from all over the place and its cool to have them.



  Member of Diplomats of Drums interacting with the crowd and dancing with them. "1 hand in the air 1 hand down below fellas".





Hands On - Percussion from all over the world. A workshop involving percussion's from around the world, meeting and jamming for the first time together. 



Chen Wenchi from the group HATA giving a demo on Shotango drum aka the lion dance drum.  He did it with such acrobatic that he ended his demo with a kungfu pose on the drum itself. It was a surprise act. Deym I missed the shot! That's why they say, "Never let your target out of sight! Eyes always on scope!" >=o(


Sexy back! Its really hot and humid at the there. Some time, chickadies go with as little as just bikini top and a pair of tiny winy shorts. 


 Now I wonder which "face" they tend look? The arm? The chest? Or the face face? 


Smoking in the late afternoon Borneo sun. 



 A Borneo chickadie posing for the camera as she crossed the bamboo bridge. 


Eddy and his girl at the Iban longhouse terrace. 


 Now this is what I need! This little chickadie really knows how to enjoy herself. Ya, start with Coke now, in a few years it'll be Heineken on your head then. hehehe 


Replica of fallen enemy's skulls. 


Replica skulls of fallen enemies. Its a tradition that they hang the skulls of the dead enemies as their trophies. Welcome to the Land of the Headhunters! 


"I got one!!" 



 Chilling by the lake after the workshop. 




Akma in the costume


Traditional costume for rent at RM 10 per set at the Craft bazaar for photo taking. 


 You're missing the tattoo!  


A local SYT with cute traditional native tattoo called bunga terung. But hers is a spray on temp. Looks cute on her. 


Gongs of Malaysia.


The set start of with performers playing in the crowd. 



Mongolian group Khusugtun doing their throat singing set. 






Sound engineer Stuart monitoring their set. Removing any unwanted frequencies off the channels. 



Danyel Waro from the Reunion Islands. Danyel is the most well-known singer of Maloya, known for the blues of the plantation workers of La Reunion. Winner of 2010 WOMEX artist award, his music is traditional. Dating back to the slave days it integrate strong African influences, slave chants and work songs. A tradition that almost died out but it survived thanks to a few families who fought to keep it alive. His music evokes welling emotions, spiritual intensity and ecstatic rhythmic trance. 


Manchester based finance student Cindy Chan with her very new Canon 5D MK 3 + 70-200mm f/2.8. Cindy is from Kuching. Thanks Cindy for sending me to the airport!  =o) 



Erik (the dude in green) of Erik Talent and his KL gang. 


With Chris (G2 PR) and Little Vanessa (GAB) at the Henekabana.  


Diplomats of Drums.









Raiz De Cafezal (Brazil)



They hail from the deep heartland of coffee plantation country of Magalhals Barata with only 3000 inhabitants. Music from one rainforest to the other. One of my favorite group.


They have never been on a plane before. On the day they were to fly over to Borneo, Artistic Director Jun-Lin got a call informing her that she might be a band short. One of the member was so scared to board the plane that they nearly had to get a doctor to sedate him and put him on the plane. Before boarding, I was told he was looking to buy alcohol so he could get high and loose his fear. They are such a humble bunch of fisherman. Bravo! 






My associate photographer Pein being a gentleman.  =o)


This set by Raiz De Cafezal tells a story of how a man went after a girl. It ends well with happy ending; the guy and the girl dancing together. 


 Closing act of Day 2. Cankisou (Czech Republic).




Homemade instrument which he himself doesn't know what to name it. Made from some pipes and shower hose. 


Crowd going nuts!



 David Synak performs with such strong energy! 



 This dude is so big that each time he walked into the performers' dining tent, the wooden platform floor wobbles. A friend of mine was sitting on a chair having her meal and when he walked pass behind her, her whole chair bounced and she nearly fell off her chair! heheh


 The crowd calls him Uncle Fisherman. He's so funny! 



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