RWMF 2012 Day 3

Official photographer. 

They usually safe the best for last. Turn out for day 1 and day 2 are much better that the final night. Strange! 

Ah, the final day of the festival. Check out the collection of my wrist bands! 


Hair Tattoo anyone ? 


David Synak from Cankisou giving a demo on his homemade instrument, something which he himself has no name for. Made of some pipes and hose he found at home.


Seongwon Kim from HATA demonstrating the flute made of mutated bamboo.


Patterns in Percussions. A story telling with the Diplomats of Drums.


Leader of the Diplomats of Drum, Rav.



A young boy doing the story telling. 


Inked! Body tattoo.


Hair tattoo.


 Musicians and students from Sekolah Seni Kuching giving a workshop on Drums of the Malay Archipelago.

 Metal in my mouth workshop. Karel Herman from Chankisou.


Droning Away. Instruments with sustaining power workshop in the Theatre. 

Heineken chickadies.


I love this bamboo bridge.


Me and the Heineken chickadees.


Enjoying iPad game at the Heinekabana.  



The Heinekabana by the lake.

Those are real tattoo. He's wearing the Iban loincloth.


Foot massage.


Mount Santubong. 


Drums of Malaysia kick off the night concert.



Followed by HATA



HATA consists of a combination of musicians from around Asia. 


From Taiwan.



 From Korea.


From Malaysia. 



Oreka TX from Spain. 


Performing with the mythical txalarpartas. An instrument made from long wooden boards and it nearly gone extinct in the 1950s. 


Mamadou Diabates Percussion Mania from Burkina Faso.


They bring hypnotic chants, powerful drumbeats, the spectacular ngoni, supported by drums, dun duns, djembes and electrifying bass.






While running from one side of the stage to the other, I saw one of the stage crew having his own cooked instant noodle backstage during Mamadou Diabate's set. Wow, they not just camp there throughout the festival, they also cook their own meals there. 







Not as packed as day 1 and day 2, but still pretty packed.


Native Chanting.


Each one of them stood at one corner of the field. Kindda like a surprise act for the night. 



The final act of the night, Kanda Bongo Man from Congo/UK.



One of the pioneer of Congolese Soukous music, he single-handedly gave the world the infectious Kwasa Kwasa dance.


Really energetic band.




 Check out this Japanese uncle. He still dressed like the 1980s photographer. 

Came nearly armed to the teeth with torch light on his head, name cards and magazines in the vest pockets. He shoots the girls in the crowd and gave them name cards as well as showing them magazines.


The finale. 
















Dancing in the mud.


I don't know why they like it. The mud stinks!



 The after party at the old lobby back at Santubong One Hotel (formally Santubong Resort).



Beer tower!! Endless drinking.


June and Pein having a good time. (both with DSLR)



I love her hair!


Love the hazel/honey color as well as the length.



This dude was trying to get lucky. He was trying his luck from one girl to the next. As soon as he got too close, the girl realized it and moved away. And he would just move on and try on the next girl who just came to the party.