Tokyo : 2015 Halloween Night - The Streets of Shibuya

HALLOWEEN. TOKYO. This is the second consecutive year that I've spent my Halloween in Tokyo. And all I can say is, it's getting crazier! For those of you who missed out on last year's article on Halloween, check them out HERE. There are too many images to share in a single article so I decided to split them into two parts; The Streets of Shibuya and in Shibuya T2 club. In this article I share images taken around the main streets of Shibuya. The variety of costumes ran the gamut from the stereotypical sexy nurse/policewoman/nuns, cosplays of characters from Naruto, Attack On Titan, Dragonball, Ultraman, Tokyo Ghoul, various movie characters like Draco Malfoy and Jack Sparrow, men crossdressing, men just going topless, and even a homemade R2D2 with Darth Vader guiding her along. A couple of Japanese pop culture 'icons' also make an appearance.


 We got to Shibuya about 2130pm and the scramble crossing were already packed with people. It was crazy!


I was here last Halloween weekend as well. But this year I was amazed there were so many police officers on the streets and most of them were stationed at the crossing for crowd management and ensure traffic safety.


Police van with lookout podium.


When the famous Shibuya scramble crossing light turned white, the police actually held up police line to ensure the pedestrian cross the scramble crossing in order and cleared everyone out once the scramble crossing lights goes off.

On Halloween night, the streets of Shibuya is like a massive party ground where everyone just gathered around in costume and parade along the streets.





Attack on Titan's Survey Corps costume (center) and Colosal Titan (right). Well that's me in the Colosal Titan suit. LOL.




 Joyce and myself. It was her first time to Tokyo so I really wanted her to experience how crazy Halloween is in Tokyo.









Joyce with homemade R2D2 and Darth Vader.


 This Darth Vader is so short! Shorter than R2D2.



Eiga dorobo aka Movie Thief, the anti-piracy mascot that is screened just before a movie starts.


The man with the golden tap at his...



There was also a Suica card.













































This is actually the middle of one of the streets in Shibuya. There were so many people that the side walk were not enough.






This dude was giving away homemade cocktail for free!




Most of their costume were homemade or highly modified.


This is the first time I've seen anyone wearing Ultraman's costume.














The streets were so crowded that the car could barely go through.


















And girls can walk around dressed like this with the ambient temperature of about 16 degree Celsius. 






















Dudes in Tengamen costumes.













 This bunch were the noisiest. They were blowing whistles and chanting, basically having their own matsuri. But soon after this shot were taken they were stopped by the police.







Edamame girls!



Here's the guy with the golden tap from earlier.




















The streets are crowded from night until the next morning. The shots from here onwards were taken in front of Shibuya near the Hachiko statue about 6am the next morning after I left Shibuya T2 club. I'll put up the images in the next article.




Even Batman is going home.




This guy was dressed as a black dog and he actually crawled his away around.




The morning after, the streets were full of police officers on duty. This time they are actually cleaning up the scramble crossing when the scramble lights turned white. 


 They ran around picking up all the trash they see on the road before letting any pedestrians cross.


Once that's done they formed a police line to ensure everyone crosses orderly.



 Once the crossing time is up, the police formed a human police line to prevent any drunk person from crossing before it's safe to cross.



 Police buses parked along the streets.


More police officers on site.


















Me and the 2 "geese".


And when I was walking to Shibuya station's entrance I came across this group of school kids dressed in Ghostbuster's costume cleaning up the streets.


It's amazing how they actually clean up the whole place.

Stay tune for the next article on Halloween