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When I received the Lenovo Vibe Shot I was excited to try out it's new 16megapixel OIS IR Auto Forus camera. As a professional photographer I expect a lot out of a camera even if it's a smart phone's camera. After using it a a month or so, here are some of the shots taken with the phone's camera. This is not a review but more of a sharing of my personal experience after using the phone and it's mainly on the functionality of the camera. The images shared here are not edited, only resized. [Smartphone]


Tokyo : 2015 Halloween - Shibuya T2 Club

HALLOWEEN. TOKYO. After spending hours on The Streets of Shibuya I headed into one of Shibuya's famous club called T2 Shibuya. I spent my Halloween HERE last year and it was good to be back. Halloween is a big celebration in Tokyo. Japanese youngsters spend a lot of time and effort on their costume, making them from scratch to customizing them, sometimes as early as a month before. And tonight they wore them out for trick or treat!


Tokyo : 2015 Halloween Night - The Streets of Shibuya

HALLOWEEN. TOKYO. This is the second consecutive year that I've spent my Halloween in Tokyo. And all I can say is, it's getting crazier! For those of you who missed out on last year's article on Halloween, check them out HERE. There are too many images to share in a single article so I decided to split them into two parts; The Streets of Shibuya and in Shibuya T2 club. In this article I share images taken around the main streets of Shibuya. The variety of costumes ran the gamut from the stereotypical sexy nurse/policewoman/nuns, cosplays of characters from Naruto, Attack On Titan, Dragonball, Ultraman, Tokyo Ghoul, various movie characters like Draco Malfoy and Jack Sparrow, men crossdressing, men just going topless, and even a homemade R2D2 with Darth Vader guiding her along. A couple of Japanese pop culture 'icons' also make an appearance.


Tokyo : 2015 Eve of Halloween

30th Oct 2015. EVE OF HALLOWEEN. 2 weeks later I was back in Tokyo again and this time it's the weekend of Halloween. It's going to be crazier this year I heard. Clubs started Halloween built up party mid of October to get the mood going. It's finally the Halloween weekend, it's Fri night. Lets get the party started. Here's a collection of photos I shot in Club Cat's Tokyo and ColoR, both in Roppongi. Click on the name of the clubs for their website.


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