Carlsberg’ Where’s The Party? 2012. The epic beach party of the year!

[ADV] The most anticipated beach party of the year; Carlsberg’s Where’s The Party? 2012. This time it took place not in Klang Valley but on an island up north!! Yes! The Pearl of the Orient – Penang!  Read on and let the images takes you through the journey of this epic beach party. All thanks to Carlsberg!

** Although I must admit, I didn’t take as many images as I would normally do. Hehe. Coz I was sent there by Carlsberg to PARTY!! I need time off from all my work too. But you know me, there’ll always be some pictures the very least. Cheers!

Our journey started off by meeting everyone at Carlsberg Malaysia brewery in Shah Alam. Upon arrival at the brewery they fed us nasi lemak for breakfast. Then off into the bus and headed up north. That’s me and little Povy on the bus. She’s so cute and entertaining. She talked to me half the journey before she fell asleep.

Some of the girls that I had to baby sit. Wilee, Kate, Jane, Stephanie.

Our MC/host on the media bus. Carl.

Our packed lunch. Not bad actually. Hotdog, potato wedges, baby sausage, salmon salad, honey melon and chocolate.

Carlsberg has always been good with the safety and security of their party. Upon arrival at the registration point in Queens Bay Penang, everyone has to go through security check where they look through our bags for drugs and weapons.

Aivee and Emily.

Carlsberg’s brand ambassador at the registration.

So security check done, registration and hotel assignment done. We thought we’ll be there in no time and start partying. But well, we were given yet another surprise. Our bus convoy were escorted by a gang of traffic police from the registration area in Queens Bay till the party venue through a long and winding road. We took the back way to Batu Ferringgi. It was an interesting and suspenseful journey though. Check out the view above.

Finally! We got to our room in Bayview Hotel. And they placed our goodie bag on our bed. This is a fully sponsored trip. If you read my previous post on Carlsberg’s Where’s The Party 2012? you’ll know how to win passes for this fully sponsored epic beach party.  We only had about 30 mins to rest and freshen up before we had to rush off to the party venue for press conference. Time’s up. Off we go! Barely had enough time to charge our phones.

The press conference. Tada! As always, Carlsberg never fails to amaze me. They always serve the best. Hi girls!

Hi girls and beers!!

MDs of Carlsberg Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. For the first time, 3 nations came together to party. That calls for a Carlsberg! Cheers!!

Group photo session with the directors and artists. With artist line up such as Malaysia’s very own human beatbox Sean Lee, Mad August a.k.a Crossfire to perform popular rock and alternative rock hits, Rubberband with Cantopop rock song (Beyond!), sexy Love Cubic dancers from Korea who’s gonna perform popular hits from Girls’ Generation, Hyuna and definately PSY, DJ Inquisitive spinning dubstep and electro house, international R&B and hip-hop diva Kelis, DJ Norman Doray who’s also a producer, and lastly the sexy DJ Mayumi! Oh yea!

Myself with the cute and sexy Korean dancers Love Cubic!

With DJ Mayumi.

Group photo with Love Cubic and MHB. I’m sure you guys must be so anxious about where the party is. Hehe…

It was at Hard Rock Hotel Penang! From here on it’s bottomless ice cold Carlsberg all the way till the party ended at 3am. But drink responsibly! Photo courtesy of Carlsberg.

Photo courtesy of Carlsberg.

Food bazaar on the beach. I didn’t take any pic of the setup because when we arrived it was already dark and raining. Photo courtesy of Carlsberg.

It was a great idea to have the Penang food bazaar for the party with huge variety of Penang specialty; char kueh tiaw, oyster omelette, satay, cucur udang, chicken rice, murtabak, ice kacang and lots more.  I didn’t get to try everything. I was too lazy to go through the crowd and line up for the food at each stalls. So I just grabbed whatever that’s easy to get. But thanks to the 2 lovely sisters Elene and Evonne, they went and get food and shared with me. So sweet of them. Photo courtesy of Carlsberg.

Elene and Evonne who fed me food and beer!

Food stalls by local food vendors.

With Jane and Wilee.

More food stalls.

Even Idart Malaysia set up their dart machines there. Photo courtesy of Carlsberg.

With Anerly and little Povy.

Photo courtesy of Carlsberg.

The lounge area.

With Malaysia’s Hottest BloggersWilee, Jane, Lee Evonne, Stephanie, Sarah, Karen, Charmmaine, Casey

Playing with Charmmaine. hehehe

Whenever you see pictures of people with their arms crossed, you know what they were doing! Oppa Gangnam style! Elene and Evonne dancing to PSY Oppa Gangnam style.

With Chelsea, Casey, Ashley, Su Nee, Elene and Stephanie.

Jessica, Chuckei, Nana, and Anerly.

Penang cuties.

I like how they set the mood at the Carlsberg Lounge. Carlsberg setup a responsible drinking booth near the food bazaar to encourage consumers to drink responsibly. You can play the Drunken Man game and if you win the game, you win yourself a breathalyzer! The ambassadors were distributing brochures and encourage consumers to measure their BAC (Breath Alcohol Content) and giving out free flow of mineral water. Always drink responsibly AND know your alcohol limit!

A cute dancer. Raj you bugger! You spoilt the pix!

Can we call them “gula Penang”?

 Love Cubic performing their dance set.

Charmmaine and Elene, the pearls of Penang.  =o)

Guess who’s that? It’s little Povy and Anerly!  =o)

Su Nee and Elene.

With Su Nee, Elene and Paul.


Awesome LED stage setup. Now that calls for a Carlsberg!!

Stephanie and her friends having a good wild time! Stephie always know how to have fun.

No wonder the British wanna colonize Penang!

My buddy Paul with Stephanie and Evonne.

International R & B Hip Hop diva Kelis. Photo of Carlsberg.

DJ Mayumi. Photo of Carlsberg.

With Andrea Fonseka before I called it a night and headed back to my room to munch on snacks with Tim and Naomi.

And I managed to go for a quickie swim at Hard Rock Hotel with Su Nee and Elene the next morning after breakfast.

Casey and Charmmaine came just before I was about to head back to Bayview Hotel to check out. Charmmaine and Casey… why did you come so late!!

One last photo before boarding the bus back to KL.

It was a great party. One of the best beach party I’ve attended! Can’t wait for the the next epic beach party, Carlsberg’s Where’s The Party?

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