Japan By Sea Travel Show Promo Trailer

#JapanbySea” is a TV program introducing tourism attractions in Japan sea coast area.
 Airs in Malaysia on Mediaprima’s TV9 from 5th Jan 2018 – 9th Feb 2018 every Friday 7:30pm – 8:00pm on TV9.

Astro : Channel 119
HyppTV : Channel 109
Astro NJOI Philippines : Channel 328
Live streaming : tonton.com.my

A travel roadshow on the travel show as well as a mini photo exhibition on Shimane will be held in Tokyo Street Pavilion KL from 26th-28th Jan 2018.

3 thoughts on “Japan By Sea Travel Show Promo Trailer

  1. I accidentally watched the #japanbysea programme on TV9. A thousand thank you’s to you and Anita for hosting it! I really want to go to Japan! Btw Mr Andy, you have got a really great eye for spectacular picturesque view 🙂

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