Kiseki Japan Marine Collagen Facial Cleanser

I’m trying out a new skincare product, this time it is a skincare product from Japan. As you know I shoot tourism, food, airlines in-flight magazine, corporate profiles and many more; skincare is quite new for me. And since I’m also a travel show host for TSK San-In Chuo TV ( subsidiary of Fuji TV Japan ) I better take good care of my skin.

This skincare product is called Kiseki Japan Marine Collagen Facial Cleanser for men and was recommended by it’s founder personally. I know the quality is good as it is imported from Japan and made from natural ingredients like herb and flower extracts. I never doubt Japanese quality and production. 😉

By the way, it’s also registered and approved by Malaysia KKM and Japanese skincare association.

For those guys who have no idea how to use it, here’s how you do it, very simple :

Just put the cleanser cube into the foam net which is included as shown in the pix below.

Just add a bit of water and rub with both hands until you get the foam as shown. Take the foam apply to your face and gently massage your face in circular motion for a minute or two then rinse it off. And you are done!

Disclaimer :

You should know by now why I “foamed” the whole head as well! LOL. Coz my facial cleanser is used for my bald head too! 🤣

It’s odourless and after washing is amazingly refreshing but not dry which is very appealing to me. After cleansing my face I apply my usual skincare (toner and moisturizer). I like it when I wake-up, I don’t feel my skin tight and oily at all. It helps my combination skin. It is simple and fast.

Enough talking about the product. I believe that a brand should have a story whether about the brand or the founder. I am actually very impressed by Kiseki Japan’s founder who is a good friend of mine who has always been hardworking. Otsukaresamadesu Cecil Beh!! That’s also a reason why I supported her and believe in her brand. The product of course has to be good la!

The founder of Kiseki Japan Cecil Beh in Aomori, Japan. Notice how nice her skin is? 😊

She looks much younger now than when she was living and working office job in Japan.

I recommend it to those who has busy lifestyle and think the skin doesn’t absorb skincare. After using Kiseki Japan Marine Collagen Facial Cleanser, it feels like ‘your skin is drinking your skincare’! You’ll notice the difference in about 3 days after using it.

Check out the official website and purchase them here

Use my promote code AndyKhoBetterSkin and get it at a discounted price of RM 119 from now until end of July 2019. One cube will last you a really long time. So if you compared to the normal cleanser which is about 100ml a tube usually last you about 2 months? With this after a month ( washed every night ) there is still 80% of the cube left.

Some photos of us when we were working on a tourism project for JNTO ( Japan National Tourism Organization ) in Tohoku prefecture Japan.

Enjoying soft serve ice-cream in -16 degree Celcius in Aomori.

On The Winter Wonderland Train to Akita.

Dinner at the Nyuto Onsen Hotel in Hirosaki.  We both looked so red from enjoying too much sake. 🤣

Attending Martel event in KL.