Taiwan : Dihua CNY Street & Night Market

January 2014.

Taipei’s Dishua street is the place you would want to visit if you are there during spring, just before the Chinese New Year’s celebration. It has everything you need for your CNY’s food menu. I have been so busy traveling the past months I didn’t have any time to write anything on this unfortunately. But I guess I’ll just let the images speaks for themselves.


Meet the ping-nang girl aka betel nuts girl.


Long distance drivers usually chew on the betel nuts to stay awake so you’ll normally find plenty of betel stalls along the highway.


Each girls get’s commission for the nuts they sell each day so in order for them to pull in more customers, they decided to dress as sexy as possible.


 And it worked. It has since then became a trend. It gotten so much coverage that they was even a documentary made on them.


This is Miss 蔡玗潔. Well, I mean how can you not be awake?


 My driver bought 2 packets of betel nuts from this girl just so I could take some shots of her. He actually returned the nuts to her and told her just keep the money.


On the highway entering into Taipei city.


 Entering Taipei.


 The entrance to Dihua street.



But before we explore Dihua street we stopped by a traditional Taiwanese tea house for afternoon break after the long drive.








 A variation of Tawainese tea leaf where customer can smell before ordering.



 The CEO of the tour company giving us the explanation between the differences of each flavors.






























































































































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