Taiwan : Nanyuan Resort Farm and Jianfushan Fancy World

2014 January.

Sponsor : Taiwan Tourism Bureau.

I have been on assignment in Thailand throughout the whole month of June and have no time to update my photo blog. And when I finally got back to KL I have so much backlog I am actually feeling lazy to start. LOL. I’m going to start slow with this photo blog with very minimal write up.


 First light of dawn over the central mountain range of Taiwan. Shot from the observation platform at the mountain top of Dakeng Leisure Farm.


 Wan Shin and Jocelyn enjoying the sun rise.


 Zheng Huan busy capturing the sun rise.





 Time for selfie.



 On our way down we came across this fat rabbit.


 And look what we found when we got back to the main court yart of Dakeng Leisure Farm, little cute piggy.


Playing with the swing while waiting for breakfast to be ready.



The farm animals here are used to visitors so they roam around and not scared of you.



 Here we are, our breakfast.


Everything here are made from the woods from this mountain.




This is the main dining area and also the shop. In the evening after washing up all the dishes, the family usually chill and watch Taiwanese drama here.


 They even sale fireworks.


The internet lounge.


 The main building that housed the dining area, the shop and the kitchen.




 Its nice to see that nothing is wasted and made into furniture.


 Jocelyn Ong is the content editor Cari.com.my


 Wan Shin is the sub-editor for Sin Chew Daily. Wan Shin is actually from Serian town in Kuching, Sarawak.




The executive editor of PCP Publication Zheng Huan. He’s a great travel photographer.


Myself and Jocelyn.


 Zheng Huan and Wan Shin.


The arch of Dakeng Leisure Farm.


Year of the horse 2014 statue made of hay and bamboo.



Nanyuan Resort Farm

 After breakfast we checked out from Dakeng Leisure Farm and head off to Nanyuan Resort Farm.


 Nanyuan Resort Farm is a European style romance resort where visitors can stay in their western log cabin built beside the lake.


The logs are actually imported from Canada. This is a type of fragrant wood that actually exude sweet natural scent.


With an area of about 30 hectares, this place is huge! The walk way are nicely covered with shades as the trees are all nicely lined up along the path.


 Everywhere you go you’ll see fresh flowers.


 You can even practice your golf swing if you are bored of walking around the farm.


Million years old wood found when they were building this place. It is so old that it has partially became rock.





Lavender field.


Bumble bees extracting nectar from the lavender. The lavender are not fully bloomed.


 You will never really get under the sun much as you walk from one theme area to the other. You’re always in the shades.


 The bird park.




 Time for a groupie.



 If you love cute animals, this is the place. The animals here are so well fed.


 And you get to feed them up close and play with them.


 Jocelyn feeding the deer.




 My editor Vandy feeding the deer.


 More flowers.


They look so nice that you help but wonder if they are actually fake or real. LOL.







 Western style log cabin built from imported Canadian fragrant logs.


Everywhere I walk there are just so many nice flowers.



You can smell the fresh aroma of the flowers as you walk around.


And after all that walking, it’s time for lunch at the restaurant.


This resort has a restaurant that is enough to host about 500 people easily.


 And the food’s great.


 Fried minced pork in gravy.




 Some fat fern.






 After lunch we continued to explore the other part of this huge resort.


 More lavender.




Jianfushan Fancy World Theme Park

Finally after a whole morning of exploring the huge 30 hectares Nanyuan Resort Farm, we head further south to Jianfushan Fancy World Theme Park.


 The main hall where the gift shops and cafes are located.


 Hole in the wall photo wall.


Jianfushan Fancy World Theme Park is built on a hill side surrounded by lots of old tress and great view of the central mountain range.






 The ferries wheel and roller coasters.


 This is the Diving Machine G5. You will experience up to 5Gs during the drop. What the video below.

The ride was fun. I went just before they close the ride so there was no queue. I actually went for it 2 times and that’s it. After the second time, I could feel slight numb sensation all over my body from the g force. This video was shot with Canon S95.



Jianfushan Fancy World has the tallest ferries wheel in the whole of Taiwan.


View from the ferries wheel.


 Jianfushan also has a water theme park.


 And lots of rides. But too bad due to our schedule we didn’t have the time to try most the rides.


Bird’s eye view of the surrounding from the top of the ferries wheel.


The setting sun of spring.



 The tallest ferries wheel of Taiwan.



 Last light of the day.


Finally after a whole day out I’ve checked into my hotel. I had the whole room to myself. Jianfushan Fancy World has their own hotel right next to it so visitors can stay a night and continue the fun the following day.


 At night the buildings are all lit up.



The park is closed at night. But visitors can still enjoy the evening at the theatrical hall where you get entertained by world class entertainers.


 Their are well known for their show called “Beautiful Life of Aifeina”.


Beautiful Life of Aifeina features dancers dressed in cat costumes performing elaborate dance moves.


 The dancers are Russian.















 This is the favorite part of the show. The guys “walks” up the wall.


 Watching this from the VIP front row seat is definitely a great experience.


 After Beautiful Life of Aifeina before we called it a night can crash. We were entertained by another interesting group of performers.


 This time they are from Thailand.


This hall has a bar set up at the back so visitors can actually order some beers or liquor and enjoy the show while sitting at the row seats or the bar table seats.


This is a short 40 minutes show and the performers will interact with the crowd or get the viewer to take part in stage games.



But I’m sure you all already know, such shows in a theme park with performers from Thailand, that only mean one thing. They were once guys! LOL.



Pages from Travel Leisure Chinese edition (issue 038) where my images were featured



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