Tokyo : 2014 Halloween

It is finally Halloween! And the place to be on Halloween day is Shibuya, Tokyo. I didn’t plan to dress up at all for the party and only going to focus on capturing how Halloween is celebrated in Tokyo. But just before the sunset, I changed my mind. Well, more like I was persuaded by my housemate Yuki to dress up. And I end up spending ¥ 9,800 on my costume. LOL. Be prepared for a really long post, this post has about 220 photos and 10 short video clips. Enjoy!

 Happy Halloween!! That’s me in the Colossal Titan’s costume at Fox TV’s Halloween event in T2 Shibuya.

From left : Kei, Yuki, Me, Yukino


 Yuki and Yukino.






 Yukino, Me, Yuki.

For those of you who doesn’t know what Colossal Titan is, it’s a character from one of the latest and popular Japanese anime called Shingeki No Kyojin ( Attack of Titans ).








 NINJA Beer!! LOL.








 We decided to stay on in T2 Shibuya after the Fox TV Halloween event as my friend DJ Tai is spinning there tonight.










I have shot countless parties and events all over the place the past 10 years. But Halloween in Tokyo is another level totally. Every one was purely there for fun and everyone enjoy themselves regardless. Japanese can start preparing for Halloween as early as a month before making their costume.








These are Japanese high school girl’s gym uniform called “burama”.


 Behold the Titan and the chicks!  =oP


 I decided to head up to the streets to capture more shots. T2 Shibuya is actually in the basement level.




 It seems like I’m getting so much attention. People kept taking pictures of me and asked to take pictures with me due to my Colossal Titan’s costume.



With another character from Shingeki No Kyojin. 




Everywhere I walk people can’t stop talking, stared and took pictures of me. LOL.



 I only managed to capture what’s happening in Shibuya. The news reported that Shibuya alone had about 23,000 to 30,000 people on the streets on Halloween night, the biggest so far. Roppongi is another crazy place to be on Halloween. But too bad I can’t be at two places at the same time.


 We got hungry and decided to go for supper at an izakaya opposite T2 Shibuya and we met this bunch of cute chicks and decided to take some pix with them. That’s my Halloween date Estelle ( middle ).


 Estelle and her Japanese beer. Japanese can’t seem to pronounce the name Estelle. So you have to pronounced it as “Esu tè lū”



 This is Lily Hasegawa. She’s so kawaii!!






 Now these chicks kick ass!!



After a few drinks my fingers got itchy and I went back to the street to take more shots.




















It’s 14 degree Celsius out there and I wonder how she can stand the cold.






Estelle keeping me company when I was shooting outside T2 Shibuya. If you are wondering what’s that on her neck, that’s the All Access pass and drinks token provided by the club.




























Meet the mascot of Japanese anti piracy Eiga Dorobo.






Is pajamas considered costume? LOL.












 A pimped up Cadillac that can actually do car jumping.


These are not real cops.





Japanese kindergarten uniform.
















After supper we went back to T2 and the crowd had gotten crazier than before we left.



DJ Tai (left) is the resident DJ in T2 Shibuya.


 Check out her video at the bottom of this post.

















 DJ Tai





 Estelle and DJ Tai on the deck.



 DJ Tai ( Tai Ikezawa ) is one of the top DJ in Tokyo. A fashion designer by profession but decided to pursue DJing.






 Estelle enjoying herself and getting all the attention from the crowd. LOL.


These 2 are sexy!! OiiShiiii!!!!





 I couldn’t stand being in the costume anymore as it gets hot after jumping around on the dj console. LOL. Had to take it off. But first let us take a selfie!







 The girls went nuts when I stepped up to the podium. Can’t help it! Great music great ambient! Best of all no one there knows me!











 DJ Tai taking a break after his set! LOL. He really go all out when he spin.





 We left the club about 5am to catch the first train home. And the streets of Shibuya are still filled with people in costume.


 Taking a break or sobering up?


 The after math.



 This is 5am.










Sleeping on the train is something very Japanese. LOL.


 Or at the train station after a night of partying and waiting for the first train.


 Walking home from Azabujuban station.

From sunset to dawn. This was my Halloween 2014 in Tokyo!

Below are some shot video clips I took. Enjoy. To view clearer video, put your cursor over the bottom right of the video and click on the resolution setting button (left of the Youtube logo/button) and choose 720HD.











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