Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week TOKYO 2016 S/S Day 2

Mercedes-benz | Fashion Week | Tokyo | 2015 | Spring/Summer 2016

Day 2 of the #MBFWT has gotten the heat up a little with more designers lined up for the day not just in Shibuya Hikarie but multiple locations throughout Tokyo. Day 2 was like taking part in Amazing Race Tokyo! You’ll get the idea.

Note : Images with the red Leica logo was shot with Leica DLux.

Brand : Plastic Tokyo

Designer : Keisuke Imazaki

Designer Profile : Graduated from Bunka Fashion Graduate University in Tokyo and started Plastic Tokyo for the S/S2013 collection.

Website :

Show location : Shibuya Hikarie Hall B


Fashion blogger Yuri Nakagawa aka Darayunya doing a selfie with Nao Harada from Jalan Japan before the show starts.



































Yuri capturing the show with her Canon DSLR.



 Above : The designer Keisuke Imazaki at the press conference after the show.

Below : Some fashion snap shots after the Plastic Tokyo show.


Yuri and Nao


Yuri and myself



 Yuri and Kota from the hair saloon Amolo by FUDGE


















The cameras get their own table during lunch. LOL

From left : My Nikon D750 + AFS Nikkor 24-70 f/2.8 IF ED, Nikon D4 + AFS Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8 IF ED VR1, Yuri’s little Canon + furry yellow camera strap


 After the quick fashion snapshot with Yuri we went for lunch at Sushiyanmai right next to Shibuya Hikarie. The price for this nice sushi set was JPY 950. If this is in Malaysia, you most probably have to pay at least double the price.



 After lunch, I’m off to the next location, the Mercedes-Benz Connection in Tokyo Newtown located in Roppongi.


The press pit was a tiny space that could barely fit a hatch back car. Can you spot me?


Brand : Tenbo

Designer : Takafumi Tsuruta

Website :

Show location : Mercedes-Benz Connection, Tokyo Newtown, Roppongi

This show entitled 1945 telling the story on the effect of radioactive material called “yellow cake”. Some of the models are victims of such radiation.


The show started out with one of the model holding and eating the “yellow cake”



































 The designer himself, Takafumi Tsuruta.


 Spotted this auntie doing fashion snap with her Nikon DSLR after the show.


Check out how she holds her DSLR. She holds its the proper way unlike some of the so called “photographers” we have these days. LOL. This auntie kickass!


The fashion blogger Anji from Salz Tokyo


 Model Sanja and Emma Lynn from Russia



Emma Lynn




 Tiffany Rossdale and friends




 With Miss Tourism World Japan 2014 ( right ) Miss Tomomi Kondou and Miss Tourism World Japan 2015 ( left ) Miss Chisa Higuchi







I’m amazed at the colorful dress above which is made of thousands of colorful paper cranes.


Joint together to form the fabric of the dress.




With the designer of Tenbo Takafumi Tsuruta


  Miss Tourism World Japan 2015 finalist Miss Eri Yamaguchi. Eri also holds the title Miss Tourism World Japan 2015 subsidiary title of Miss Elegance and Miss Beach Body prize.


She is also Miss Universe Japan semi finalist.


 Nanae and Eri.





Brand : Factotum

Designer : Koji Udo

Website :

Show location : Tokyo Mode Gakuen College of Fashion & Design, 50th Floor of Cocoon Tower, Shinjuku

Below are some fashion snap shot of Yuri after the Factotum show.




Brand : Matohu

Designer : Hiroyuki Horihata & Makiko Sekiguchi

Website :

Show location : Omotesando Hills Space O





















Here are some fashion snapshot with Yazaki Kayoko and Fuuka Shimada after the Matohu show.









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