Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week TOKYO 2016 S/S Day 3

Mercedes-benz | Fashion Week | Tokyo | 2015 | Spring/Summer 2016

Day 3 featured re-known Japanese brands such as Motohiro Tanji, Divka and Yoshio Kudo. Fashion Hong Kong designer collections were also being showcased today with designer/brand such as Chailie Ho, Kathy Lam Studio, Koyo, Lu Lu Cheung and Loom Loop. In this particular post you will see the images of the fashion shows followed by some fashion snap shots and a bit of after party shots.

Note : Images with the red Leica logo was shot with Leica DLux.

Brand : Motohiro Tanji

Designer : Motohiro Tanji

Website :




















Brand : divka

Designer : Takayuki Tanaka, Mtoyuki Matsumoto

Website :











































Brand : Kathy Lam Studio

Designer : Kathy Lam














Brand : Loom Loop

Designer : Polly Ho















Brand : Chailie Ho

Designer : Chailie Ho















Brand : Koyo

Designer : Koyo William














Brand : Lu Lu Cheung

Designer : Lu Lu Cheung

















Designer Polly Ho


Designer Chailie Ho


Designer Koyo William


 Designer Lu Lu Cheung


This is how the press pit looks like.


Packed like sardine with barely enough space for you to stand straight.




Brand : Yoshio Kubo

Designer : Yoshio Kubo

Website :
































Kumico the assistant photographer rushing to work.


This is how the photographers queued up outside the hall before each show. Majority of the fashion photographer use a metal case or a step ladder. Both serving the same purpose, to sit or step on at the press pit. We start lining up as early as 1 hour before the door opens for photographers. Those at the front of the line would have the priority to pick the best spot in the pit. And once you are in the pit, you have to stand there for 40 to 45 minutes until the show actually starts. In the pit, you barely enough space to stand straight.


Fashion student who worked as volunteer during MBFWT. Maho and Miziki.

















 Eri Yamaguchi. Miss Tourism World Japan 2015 subsidiary title of Miss Elegance and Miss Beach Body prize.


Miss Tourism World Japan 2015, Chisa Higuchi.


Chisa and Eri.


Miss Tourism World Japan 2015, The Bald Photographer, Miss Tourism World 2015 Finalist.




Someone was playing with the Leica DLux and took this shot of me when I was taking the bird’s eye view of Shibuya.


Here’s the shot before sunset.


And here’s after sunset.





 Sanja and Emma Lynn.





With Sanja and Emma Lynn.



With famous fashion blogger from Rin Rin Doll.




 Fashion blogger Ellen V Lola


Famous fashion blogger Francis Lola












With fashion blogger Natalie from Brisbane

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