Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week TOKYO 2016 S/S Day 4

Mercedes-benz | Fashion Week | Tokyo | 2015 | Spring/Summer 2016

Day 4. I missed most of the morning shows but here are shots from 2 of the afternoon shows from brand/designer such as Hanae Mori manuscrit and Hiroko Koshino.

Brand : Hanae Mori manuscrit

Designer : Yu Amatsu

Website :

Show location : Shibuya Hikarie Hall A
















































































Hanae Mori manuscrit show after party









With the Japanese models from Hanae Mori manuscrit show.




Brand : Hiroko Koshino

Designer : Hiroko Koshino

Website :

Show location : The Garden Hall, Ebisu












































































Hiroko Koshino show after party











Art director Ilaria and her friend.


VIPs from Nissan, NHK, and London.




Designer Hiroko Koshino giving a simple speech and a toast during the after party.







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