Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo 2016 S/S Day 5 part 1

Mercedes-benz | Fashion Week | Tokyo | 2015 | Spring/Summer 2016

PART 1. The fifth day of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo 2015 show case designer such as John T Herrera, Ken Samudio, Renan Pacson and Johan Ku.

Note : Images with red Leico logo was shot with Leica DLux.

 Backstage before the Asian Fashion Meets Tokyo featuring Philipino designers.



























































Brand/Designer : John Herrera (Philippines)

Website :

























Brand/Designer : Ken Samudio (Philippines)

Website :












Brand/Designer : Renan Pacson (Philippines)

Website :





















Fashion Snap






With Japanese fashion blogger and DJ Yuri Nakagawa


Famous fashion blogger and Vloger Rin Rin Doll















Fashion blogger Flancis Lola aka Framcis and Ellen V Lora




Ellen Lora






















Brand : Johan Ku Gold Label UK

Designer : Johan Ku

Website :





















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