Tokyo : Japanese High School Girls

Joshi Kosei. Tokyo, Japan. Autumn 2013.

It was like a blind date. LOL! My Japanese friend’s friend set me up to meet 2 Japanese high school girls in Ikebukuro for a casual shoot. It was really fun but hard for us to communicate actually as they don’t speak much English. They came to meet me after school. So sweet of them.

Just like sushi and sashimi are the must have when one is in Japan, a Japanese high school girl in her uniform is like the 8th wonder of the world! LOL!

 Meet Rikako and Misaki. Rikako and Misaki are both in senior high school.





Each Japanese high school has their own high school pleated skirt pattern that identifies which school they are from besides their school emblem. Just like the Scottish kilts where each clan has their own unique checked patterns. The pleated skirt can cost about ¥ 9,450 and a blazer about ¥ 19,950.


 In winter they wear a blazer and cardigan with their uniform. A trendy school girl cardigan can cost up to ¥ 5,990.


 This is a typical school bag that they use. You will rarely see a Japanese high school girls use backpack. Average price of this trendy school bag cost ¥ 5,460.


The uniform is so expensive that most girls would wear them throughout their high school. When they start junior high their skirt seems long, up to their knees. But as they grow older and taller the skirts gets shorter. It is also a trend that they roll the top of the skirt to make it shorter. These days a lot of school skirt designer designed the skirt so it can be rolled at the top easily. However some schools are pretty “evil” as they require their female students to wear skirts that are specially designed which prevent them from rolling the skirt short! EVIL! Some skirt have their school’s emblem and name embroidered on the inside of the skirt.


 The uniform is typically worn with knee length socks and black shoes, just like in anime. The typical brand for Japanese school girl shoe is called Haruta. A pair can cost up to ¥ 5,500.

Well, in winter they wear cardigan, blazer and scarf to keep warm on the top but down below it’s pretty breezy!


 Trendy neck scarf are used during winter to keep the neck warm.


They like to hang cute items or soft toys on their school bags.

  Another great thing about their school is that they are not that strict about your hair color.


So what do they usually do after school? They spend nearly the whole day at school and stay back for after-school activities or attend cram school. Some simply go home and do homework, or hang out with friends or boyfriend?


Sometimes they would hang out at games centre during their free time after school.









 Rikako, myself and Misaki.







 After my “blind date” with Rikako and Misaki at Ikebukuro, I went over to Shinjuku for another “blind date”. This is Roko. Roko’s mom is Japanese and her dad’s African-American.


 Roko has nice what Malaysian calls “hitam manis” skin.


Roko just got into senior high recently.


 Some girls wear their uniform with leggings in winter to keep warm. Notice the difference with Roko’s style. She uses backpack and leggings. Oh and that’s her lunch box that she’s carrying.






 I spent less time with Roko as I had to head off to Shibuya for another appointment.

 Below are some images of Japanese high school girls.



 Cute and trendy bow tie as accessories for their uniform. Typical bow tie cost around ¥ 1,500.


 Another style of bow tie.


This is the Sailor Moon type uniform. This is the most classic Japanese school girl uniform that was first used in the 19th century. Modeled after the European naval. Notice the different color of bow tie and cardigan? I was told that the fundamental is that the skirt or, in this 2 girls’ case, the main uniform has to be worn but they are allowed to add accessories.


 Loose socks are a trend during winter as well for the girls.

A full set of Japanese high school girl’s uniform can cost up to :
Pleated skirt  ¥ 9,450
Shirt  ¥ 4,200
Shocks  ¥ 1,000
Shoe  ¥ 5,000
Tie  ¥ 1,500
School bag  ¥ 5,460
Cute small toys  ¥ 500
Cardigan  ¥ 5,990
Shu shu (hair band)  ¥ 600
Blazer  ¥ 19,950
Cute bra and panty  ¥ 3,000
TOTAL  ¥ 56,650

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