Tokyo : Tokyo Girls Collection Spring/Summer 2013 part 2

Tokyo Girls Collection Spring/Summer 2013 16th Edition.

Thank you Tokyo Girls Collection for the international media photographer pass to cover this event when I was there. Definitely an amazing fashion event and one of the best I’ve shot. Can’t wait for the next event. Hope you all enjoy the images. Check out part 1 HERE.

 2% Tokyo

The cool part about this fashion show is that a lot of the models will be familiar to those who are into Japanese fashion magazines. Fans of those magazines are sure to recognize their faces instantly. Some of such models are people like Aya Sugimoto, Yuko Ogura, Mona, Elli-Rose, Tsubasa Masuwaka, Jillian Kate, Ashley, Lena Fujii, Suzanne, Yu Yamada and Anna Tsuchiya.


De Ter NL







My Favorite Tiara







Rodeo Crowns















LOL! “The bestest”. Sounded so Malaysian.

Moist Diane








Avail Casual & Shoes









Love their trend. Simple but cool! And those shagtastic legs!





I noticed that the trend for this season seems to be flowers, stripes and bright neon colors.










Prisila Wigs


Shooting in Tokyo Girls Collection I felt like my lens is the smallest on the photographer’s podium. I was shooting with my Nikkor AFS 70-200mm f/2.8 AFS hand held without monopod as I was traveling light while the rest of them were shooting with 300mm f2.8 or 400mm f2.8.







Sumire x Slim Beauty House

Actress model Sumeri performing.


Such a fine pair of legs!


Sumire is the daughter of famous Japanese actor Junichi Ishida.


The Shel’tter Tokyo







Limited Edition Vivayou










Actus Colors









10piki no Kobuta chan


Look at what the naughty piggie is doing behind the 4th girl.






WWD Japan Collection















Bonica Dot




Lands of Eden















Nail spa booths





AI performing her famous singles “Happiness





Japanese high school girls


 High school girls singing along to AI’s hit song “Happiness” during the grand finale.




The grand finale



Once the show is over everyone rushed out for food. I really respect those girls who were there the whole day standing up and screaming the whole time. They probably didn’t even gone for lunch!


An uncle with amazing eyebrows making takoyaki outside Yoyogi National Gymnasium.



Eating their lunch and dinner outside Yoyogi National Gymnasium in the winter cold.



It look so yummie and it is yummie!! Oishii!! ¥ 600 yen for half a dozen.



It was a long and exciting day. I was standing the whole day shooting the show. Tired, hungry but it was all worth every bit of it. Being able to experience the biggest fashion event in Japan. Sugoiii!!  😁

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