Tokyo : Tsukiji Fish Market

Winter 2011.

The Tsukiji Fish Market. Any visitor worth his salt would recognize this name. It is the BIGGEST wholesale fish and seafood market in the world. The largest wholesale food market of any kind. It is a must go must see and must eat fresh sushi! The Tsukiji fish market started its operation back in 1923, after the original Nihonbashio fish market which was located next to the Nihonbashi bridge the  was destroyed by The Great Kanto earthquake on September 1st 1923. After the Great Kanto earthquake, the fish market was relocated to Tsukiji district.

It is very easy to get to Tsukiji fish market. The 2 nearest train stations are Oedo Line’s Tsukijishijo Station or the Hibiya line Tsukiji Station. From Hiro-o, I just need to take the Hibiya line. Once you reached Tsukiji station, take Exit 1 (if you take this exit, turn left once you are out) or Exit 2 (if you take this exit, go straight once you are out). You will see an intersection in front of you. Go straight and cross it. You will see this big fat tuna on top of the building on the left. If you see this, you are on the right track. Continue to walk straight for 100 meters. It’s on your left. If you are still not sure, follow your nose. That’s how I found the place!


Meet the “turret truck”. When you see this zooming around, you are in the Tsukiji Fish Market! Watch out! These turrest trucks are fast and they have no mercy for you. Always give way to them. As visitors/tourist, we are more or less intruding. This place is meant for buyers but it has gotten so much publicity it is now a tourist attraction and the sellers don’t quite like it as the tourists may get in the way of their busy day.






Once you are inside, you’ll get to see all kinds of seafood. This is important – hands off! No touching! 

Unfortunately the tuna auction is closed to public during peak holiday season till January 2013. Even when it’s open to public, they only allow up to a maximum of 100 visitors and you have to apply for the pass. Perhaps the next time I’m in Tokyo, I’ll apply for a pass to document the tuna auctions. This trip to Tsukiji fish market is probably my only chance to experience it at Tsukiji as the governor of Tokyo has called for it’s relocation to a new area in Toyosu, Koto. Construction is planned to start in 2013 and complete in 2014. The new market is believed to be 40% bigger than the current Tsukiji fish market.





They are all extremely fresh.


My favorite! Sotong!

*Sotong is the Malay word for cuttle or squid or octopus fish.


Yummie!!   =oP


Fresh lobster anyone?





All kinds of shellfish.


Huge scallop.



Knives of all sizes.


This weird monster looking fish was still alive when I saw it. It’s been bought buy a buyer so the seller is killing it by poking a small steel rod into it’s nose.


 I assume it’s to poke its heart. What a way to die. Poor monster fish.

It took a while for it to die. It was wriggling and moving for about 3 minutes.


I love octopus!


A seller getting off his turret truck to load his cargo.


I love this weird shot. It looks like the guy on the right is being hit by the turret truck.


The turret truck is the best transporter around the Tsukiji fish market. Best suited to transport cargo in tight and crammed area such as this.








Whale meat? Oh no!!   😲


They maximized space here by utilizing the upper part of the stalls for storage.


A fishmonger cutting up fresh tuna.


I can imagine the tuna meat on a sashimi plate! Yummie!


His knife looks really sharp. It takes skills and experience to sharpen a knife like that. You can find knife specialty shops around the central market next to Tsukiji fish market. You can see the images later in this post.


The meat is sliced off.


And kept on ice.


I can only assume this is giant scallop?









Buyers negotiating the purchase.


Ok enough of raw fish in the market. Time for my breakfast. This is RYU Sushi. RYU Sushi has been doing its sushi business here since 1959. It’s gotta be good!


I ordered Kiku which cost ¥ 2,100.



It’s a small tiny sushi restaurant but you can find all sorts of fresh and raw seafood here.


The young sushi chef. I love the sushi here but the staff here are not friendly. They don’t really appreciate being photographed.


Itadakimasu!! This is my Kiku set. It was shagtastically yummie!!  😋


Came across this group of people with cool hairstyle right outside Tsukiji fish market. I think they’re in the Rockabilly scene.


This is the knife specialty shop at the outer market.


They sell all sorts of knives.




These are Japanese professional knife sharperning stones.


Sharpening a knife that a customer bought.


Careful inspection.


One day I’m gonna buy a sushi knife for myself.


Fresh onigiri (Japanese rice balls).


Tourist taking snapshot of the onigiri.




The outer market sells all sorts of mushrooms, vegetable and spices.


Everything looks super fresh.


This shop sells a variety of seeds and beans.










I wish I could take that gigantic tuna back with me!  >=o)

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